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Optomesh 3D I-LAM (Inguinal Laparoskopic Anatomical Mesh) - is a non-resorbable surgical mesh device of a three-dimensional structure, manufactured by the knitting technique using transparent and blue monofilament yarn. It is used for surgical repair of inguinal hernias, and adjusted to a patient’s anatomy.

It is an innovative surgical device developed on a basis of a CT (computed tomography) scan of the patient, so its shape is ideally adapted to anatomical structures of an individual patient’s groin.

Optomesh 3D -ILAM meshes are a class IIb medical device.

They are provided with a blue marker facilitating the correct placement of the implant in anatomical structures.The horizontal line of the marker, ending with an arrow, corresponds to a line of the inguinal ligament, with the arrow indicating the body axis (a centre of the patient’s body), while the horizontal line corresponds to the lower vessels in the epigastric region.

Implant's image in graphical software
Animation of implant positioning inside the human body


The registration for the hernia workshops has started

The registration for the hernia workshops has started. During workshops the World's first herniological implantation operation will take place with the Personalized 3D ILAM (Inguinal Laparoscopic Anatomical Mesh) implant.


the first
in the world

of personalized implant


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