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Polish researchers, Professor Maciej Śmietański, MD, PhD, from the Medical University of Gdańsk, Professor Krzysztof Karbowski, D.Eng, from the Cracow University of Technology and the team of Tricomed SA in Łódz (belonging to the TZMO Group), a company having a status of the Research and Development Centre, prepared and developed an innovative medical device - an advanced 3D polypropylene implant used to repair hernias, and customised to needs of an individual patient.

Professor Maciej Śmietański, MD, PhD, will perform the first in the world placement of a personalised hernia implant Optomesh 3D ILAM (Inguinal Laparoskopic Anatomical Mesh) at the Matopat Hospital in Toruń.

The procedure will be performed during the pre-conference (Conference of the Association of Polish Surgeons, Sept 15–18, 2021, a link to the Conference site) Hernia Workshops on September 14, 2021.

The innovative and exceptional nature of this procedure is based mainly on the fact that a procedure of the inguinal hernia repair with a three-dimensional surgical implant specially prepared for a specific patient using computed tomography images has not yet been performed anywhere in the world.

the first
in the world

of personalized implant


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